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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Don't Want to be No Damn Celebrity!

In our contemporary society it is a common goal to have fame, money, and the beauty from a woman that can only be found in the bright lights of the city.  Be it as a movie star, singer, or sports figure, dreams of stardom consume our fantasy lives from a very young age.  However, along with distinction in our society, comes complications with which most of us would be better to do without.  Fame becomes a nuisance, money becomes a responsibility, and of course, the goal of men of all ages, dating supermodels, becomes an aggravation not worth having.  It would better serve our lives by pursuing other goals such as personal enrichment or spiritual awakenings.

Fame is a problem not worth pursuing.  Take famous actors, for example, how would you like a seat reserved every basketball game of the year?  That sort of notoriety would consume the interest of your fans, but it would be a dreadful intrusion on your personal life.  Moreover, how would you like to go to an art’s exhibit and worrying about being mobbed by a contingent of adoring fans?  These sorts of complications would make associating with the public an ominous task.  Basically, with fame, comes the micro-management of every aspect of life so it meets with public approval.   In addition, even star-gazers, with the best of intentions would cause a hassle in everyday life.  Going to the supermarket to buy a lean cut of steak would become a major undertaking; even in the clerk’s wish to assist you, they would explain for fifteen minutes to you which is the best cut of steak.  That sort of annoyance would be more than anybody would like to live with in their daily life.

It is everybody’s cravings to be rich, and with fame, usually comes money.  But, how much money do you really need?  What can it really get you that you can’t already get with a more modest income?  Usually we have enough food, adequate shelter, and items such as a high-definition television that would have been considered luxuries only five or ten years ago.  How much Starbuck’s coffee can anyone actually drink? If any of us have too much money, we would probably stay up all night on drugs ordering quaint products from the fascinating infomercials that can only be found on late night television.

The goal of all men, from a very young age, is to surround themselves with supermodels and beautiful movie actresses.  Is this really a good idea?  In the world of supermodels, the drug problem is systematic of fame itself.  The beautiful women that we see on television every day, and pine for every night, are often heroin sheik and have similar problems associated with fame.   Is it a good idea to get involved with anyone on heroin, even if they’re heroin sheik?  In addition, when birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day come along, a piece of jewelry priced at $1.2 million would be obligatory so they could compare it with all the other useless ornaments of their friends.  The worst part of dating a supermodel would be, late in the night at a Hollywood night club, their ex-boyfriend rock star would have too much to drink and kick the hell out of you in a jealous rage.

Nobody needs fame; it would better to live in obscurity.   A nice quiet life in the suburbs where only your close friends know you is under-rated.  A tranquil evening at a good restaurant while enjoying complete anonymity is all the luxury anybody really needs.   Anyway, who needs that much money?  A good honest job working construction can get you everything that you really need to live a very fulfilling life.  Riches of a Hollywood mogul would be spent on pointless paintings by Picasso.  Nobody really needs that extravagance.  A stunning supermodel would look good on anybody’s arm, but the simplicity of an adequately attractive nobody would be much more fulfilling.  The ostentatious extravagances of fame are luxuries that would be better to be done without.