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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Promise of a New Day

·         Inspired by the song "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" by the Eagles

The cool, breezy morning air chafed against his skin.

On his balcony in his bathrobe, he enjoyed a morning cigarette and cup of coffee.

“It looks like an early winter,” he thought to himself.  He took a deep breath of air as to accentuate the point.

As a stiff gust of wind blew upon him, he took another sip of coffee and a drag off his cigarette.

Looking onto the park which served as a backdrop to his apartment he thought of her long blond hair and soft skin.  He would not have to be to work this morning for another couple of hours, but he always chose to enjoy each morning with a long awakening. 

He took another drag off his cigarette and another sip of his steaming coffee.  The morning radio played in the background and served to lift his spirits for a new day. The newspaper lay on the bottom stair below the balcony, but he chose not to pick it up.

Welcoming the new day, he was in no hurry.  Basking in the early winter, he let the crisp air invigorate his skin. 

Three years out of college and already working his way up the corporate ladder he thought how fortunate he was.  He had chosen to take college very seriously although his friends from high school had taken a different path.  This didn’t serve as angst, rather the strict regimen of studies and work which enabled him to finish college also allowed for other social opportunities.  While others who he knew were taking advantage of the many more frivolous social activities which were available at his college, he became a part of school activities and he found friends at the school coffee shops where he would enjoy the company of his friends in sobriety.

The DJ on the radio played an old, soft Beatles’ song that once again made him think of her.  He continued to enjoy his coffee and lit another cigarette.  The weatherman on TV said that rain was expected late this week.  He didn't want to worry about it too much.  The rain that accompanied early winter served as inspiration for a new year to come.

He gazed upon the park across the street from his apartment.  He planned to eat breakfast as to be charged for the day to come.  He would make himself an egg sandwich with potatoes and a tall glass of orange juice.

A strong gust of wind blew and the trees across the street raged in a furry.  The leaves that had collected upon the ground flew into the air and dust from the collection of foliage spit against his face.  He leaned upon the balcony rail and took another sip of his coffee which warmed his body and his bones.  He took another drag off his cigarette which inspired him to think of the position his life had taken which he personally believed to be enviable.

Her blond hair and her shining, blue eyes inundated his mind as he enjoyed the new morning.  

The steaming, warm coffee that he enjoyed each day allowed for much serenity.  The new day had much promise and the trivialities of life and the bothers of work didn’t cause sorrow.

He thought of her long, blond hair and his thoughts began to wonder back to high school about a girl he was not as fortunate to know. 

He lit another cigarette and took another sip of coffee.  It was almost time for breakfast which would take a couple minutes to cook and a few more to eat.

Her hair had been dark and her eyes green.  He had been shy and he had never had the confidence to talk to her.  She had been only one of many that he had come across in high school, but he thought her soft demeanor and how it had somehow had made her seem more special than most. 

“Just another reason to kick myself in the shin,” he thought to himself.  He looked out into the distance with the sun barely making its way over the horizon. 

He thought of one of many girls in college.  He knew at this point in his life it really was not important.  He had grown through his struggles and those had those mistakes had only served as learning experiences. 

He now stood on his balcony finishing his second cup of coffee and third cigarette on this cool, autumn morning.  He smiled at the morning sun which was halfway covered by the clouds and he went back into his apartment to eat his breakfast and go to work this Thursday morning.

As he began his day the tranquility he knew energized him with high expectations.


Anonymous said...

I like your writing style Daron.

MaryA said...

great story, keep them coming

Anonymous said...

Great story. As an aside I recently went and saw the Eagles live. Wow. I have to say they have many songs that could inspire stories. Thank you for sharing.

Arlee Bird said...

I thought I had commented on this long ago. I remember reading this. It's a good one.

I'm doing an inspired by music series on my memoir blog for A to Z. You might be interested in reading some of them.

here's the link:
Wrote By Rote
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Elisabeth Zguta said...

One of my favorite songs, and another great post Daron.

Jagoda said...

You've captured that quiet morning awakening--peaceful easy feeling--nicely.