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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Forgetting About You

  • ·        Inspired by the song “Down to my last teardrop” by Tanya Tucker

The trees were beautiful this morning.  The sky was blue.  My coffee, coupled with the cool morning air, invigorated my senses.

Last night I went to the bar to hang out with my buddies, a couple of beers, not too much.

The women were plentiful and beautiful at the bar last night.  I was playing billiards most of the night as they looked at me and smiled.

Work has been good.  I just got a promotion.  I bought a new car last month.  It has all the modern gadgets.

Life’s been good.

I admit Michelle was very beautiful, but the ordeals that she put me through made for a miserable existence.

“How’s she doing?”  I don’t really care.

Driving to work this morning, I began listening to the radio.  My favorite song came on and I started singing along.  Well, right now it’s my favorite song.  Last week I had a different favorite song and next week I’ll probably have a new favorite song.

Christmastime is coming.  It will be in a little more than a month.  I don’t have a wife or any kids. Yet, I’m not crying.  I have friends and I have family.  Every weekend at the bar I see my friends and there are always beautiful girls. 

I’ll be spending the holidays with my family.  My brother has one son and my sister is married with no children.  Every year the family gathers at my parent’s house.  My mom cooks a Christmas dinner and my father watches whichever sports games that are on the television.

I was playing a game of billiards with a buddy of mine the other night.  It was at the bar that has become our hang out.  I had a couple of beers; not more than that.  The two of us must have played for three hours as we watched the game on the television.  The women were beautiful and plentiful.  A particularly beautiful brunette kept smiling at me.  Perhaps it would be the beginning of something new?  I had no idea.  I was simply enjoying the atmosphere and resting my eyes upon her.

Two weeks later, I took her on a date to Knott’s Berry Farm.  The triviality and frivolity of the venue facilitated for a light-hearted introduction.  As we walked through the park, I noticed families; fathers and mothers with their children mostly.

In the past, it had been a complete waste of time with Michelle.  She made my life miserable.  She always started fights and arguments.  She cheated on me; one time I even caught her at a bar with another guy. 

I always tried to make it work.  Yet, it was a waste of my time and whatever I did to make it work the more misery she would give me.

Hopefully this new relationship would work out better for me.  Tammy, like Michelle, was very beautiful.  Yet, she, in the short time that I had known her, didn’t seem the same.   She seemed to have a warm heart; not one to willfully make a man miserable.

Christmastime was always my favorite time of year.  Ever since my childhood the love of the season filled my heart with affection.  This year, as we would every year, my family gathered at my parents’ house.  My brother brought his wife and kid, my sister brought her husband, and I brought my new girlfriend, Tammy. 

Tammy was beautiful with an innocent demeanor.  Hopefully things would turn out better with her than they did with my previous relationship.   So far it was going well, however, I had only been seeing her for a couple of months.

The Christmas party began at my parents’ house.  My brother, my father, and I sat down to watch the game on television.  My mother, my sister, and my new girlfriend socialized while the three of them completed the Christmas dinner.

When I had met Tammy, earlier this year, I had hoped for something more significant than what I had before.  I had been playing billiards with a buddy that night.  I noticed her look upon my direction and smile.  
She was very beautiful, but I didn’t rush over there.  Instead, I played a few more games of billiards.

She walked up to me and asked me to dance.   I could manage myself on the dance floor, but still was happily surprised that she was the one to ask me.

We danced and it served as the beginning of our relationship which was still in its infancy.  We danced to the upbeat music and I marveled at the joy she invoked with light-hearted personality.   She, in a cute and demure manor, made it so I could not help but smile.

Life had been good for me the last year.  I was happy that I had broken up with Michelle and I no longer had to live with the misery that she had always given me.  No more arguments, no more fights, and no more of her vindictive cheating.

Work was good.  I got to work this morning around 8:00.    I went about my work.  It was a trial, or even a chore.  It was a nice way to spend the day and to keep myself busy.

After work I went to the bar to meet up with my buddies.  Typical for a Friday, I ordered a beer.  I got in line for the billiards table and sipped my beer.  As I enjoyed the relaxing environment I noticed the blondes, brunettes, and redheads file in.  One by one my friends started to show up and the party had begun.

I woke up this morning.  The sky was blue and the cool air felt brisk against my skin.  My warm cup of coffee invigorated my senses.

Life was good.


Connye Griffin said...

"...coffee, coupled with the cool morning air...." Very nicely phrased. The appearance of such a phrase so early in the story draws readers on.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Daron. I like the post! You're very gifted.

Peggi Tustan said...

Your open-ended close to the story is creative and feels true. Though, I prefer an ending that resolves, I think you chose to end it well.

I'm unfamiliar with the song. But, I enjoyed how you used repetition in some paragraphs like a refrain. Nicely done, Daron! :)