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Monday, February 10, 2014

"Waiting to Return Once More"

  • ·         Inspired by the song … The Highwayman by “The Highwaymen”

Days flew by very quickly.  Home, here, with my relatives and family, life was magical.   With not much to do but to relish the tranquility and pristine beauty that surrounded me, the drudgeries of my last life were far gone.

I had been a mason worker.  Life had been challenging, but it had been good.  The pain and emotional toil that accompanies everybody’s life had been sometimes present and sometimes persistent, but it had vanished with the bright light that had brought me here where I am today.

When I first came across my parents and my grandparents and all of my old friends, I was overcome with emotion.  The joy I felt instantly lightened my heavy heart and brought me happiness that I had never known before.

The many lives which had culminated to this last, had lead me closer to becoming the idealistic version of the person that I would someday be.  It was very comforting to be home with all of my friends and family, but I knew I had pressing business on Earth.

Faint recollections of my many lifetimes inundated my mind, but they only reflected a puzzle of the missing pieces of what I was meant to become.  With every life, I became closer to the realization of just that flawless person.

That was the meaning of existence; life was about the culmination of many lifetimes into the perfect individuals that we would all someday be.

Friends and family were near and the immaculate surroundings filled my heart with the joy to which I had now become accustomed.    

God had managed to make this existence as meaningful as possible.  In addition to the bliss experienced by all in this place, the physical base of being was maintained.   With a clean and unspoiled heart, we were all able to pursue goals of our own and maintain a lifestyle that contained meaning within itself.  It was not empty joy that we all practiced; rather, our time was spent both pursuing our most ambitious goals and preparing our psyche for our next life on Earth.

After a few decades, I witnessed my close friends and family choose to return to the Earth to begin a new life.   It was with complete understanding that they would not have any memory of this past time that they had experienced.  We could look down now and witness the struggles and toil that accompany life on Earth.  However, they all were willing to choose this venue for the actuality of taking their part in creating perfection on Earth.

As I looked down, I could see my children and grandchildren living their lives’.  I did not weep for them when they were struck with hard times; I simply sent all my love to them to help them through troubles that may have, to them, seemed insurmountable. 

With love and hope, I missed my children.  Although I wished them long flourishing lives, I hoped to see them here one day.

My wife, who had died before I did, was the first person that welcomed me upon my arrival.  She had died of natural causes at a very old age as I did.   When she greeted me we were both as young as when we first met.  My love for her had never vanished. 

The two of us spent our time together as we did on Earth.  As physical beings, what was recognizably different was the feeling of nirvana that was experienced by all on this plane.  We all worked, not for money, but for the pride of accomplishment that it gave us.  We played and enjoyed entertainment, much as we would on Earth.  Every night we went to sleep and every morning we woke up; just as we did on Earth.

However, the time had come for me.   My wife was not ready, but I was.  I would return to Earth.  There was not much opportunity for decision or free will in this matter.  We could not choose who our parents would be and we could not choose any other particular sort of life when we arrived to the Earth.  I was fully aware that I would not remember any of the bliss that had become second-nature here.  However, I also was aware, although I would forget, that someday I would return to this place only to leave again. 

I discussed my decision with my wife.  I discussed with my many friends and relatives, with whom I had been reunited with here.   I discussed with them all my decision had now been made.  As we all do, I would return to Earth and do my bidding.

I was cold.  Strange people who I had never seen before surrounded me and my mother.  I was very cold.  The strange people cleaned me in warm water and handed me to my mother.  My mother held me in her arms.

My new life was to begin.

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