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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Country Music Artist of the Month ... Mary Chapin-Carpenter

“Country Music Artist of the Month … Mary Chapin-Carpenter”

Mary Chapin-Carpenter
 Mary Chapin-Carpenter was born February 21, 1958.  She released her first album, Hometown Girl, in 1987.  Although it wasn’t commercially successful, it was praised by critics.   

In her hay-day Mary Chapin-Carpenter was a very successful country singer, both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.  She received five Grammy Awards, including four straight Grammy Awards for Best Female Country Performance between 1992 and 1995. 

With her country-folk style which was rarely mirrored, Mary Chapin-Carpenter has sold over twelve million albums in her career.  Her 1992 album Come on, Come On was her biggest selling album going quadruple platinum.

Songs such as the Grammy Award winning “Down at the Twist and Shout” made her an icon in the country-folk genre carving a niche as a standout artist in the style.  Other songs, such as “I take my chances” and “I feel lucky” fared well on the country music charts with a unique mix of humor and irreverence.  Later in her career, Mary Chapin-Carpenter switched to a less popular focus that bordered on political activism.

Mary Chapin-Carpenter success followed the path of more traditional country music.  Her music in the latter part of her career, although not as commercially successful, echoes the style of the music that made her a successful singer-songwriter on the country stage.  Many of her contemporaries chose a route that included a more pop orientated style.  However, Mary-Chapin Carpenter stayed true to her country roots.  As a country music artist, she will always remain a cult favorite with her many fans.

I chose to highlight five of her songs.  Take a look at these videos which epitomize the best work she has to offer.   Although she has more music which may have been overlooked, these five songs are a sample of the artist’s bests.

This song epitomizes the feminist perspective that accented much of her career.  The lyrics poignantly propose the end of a marriage of suffrage.

One of her later hits, this joyful song of aspiring love brings smiles to its audience’s hearts.

This song reflects life in a small town and is a favorite among her contemporaries.

Close your eyes and dream, the message of this energy-filled upbeat melody.

Humorous, edgy, and celebrating the joy of love, this song remains 
an all-time classic.

Keep an eye open for next month's "Country Music Artist of the Month ..."


Arlee Bird said...

I've been a big fan of MCC's earlier music and have a few of her CD's. Haven't kept up with her more recent stuff and don't know about her political activism. She's an artist with a lot of talent.

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Connye Griffin said...

I like this monthly addition. Designed well and very interesting.

Dianna BelleRose said...

Congratulation on your success lovely songs. Best wishes, Dianna