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Monday, April 22, 2013

Country Music Artist of the Month ... Alan Jackson

"Country Music Artist of the Month ... Alan Jackson"

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson was born on October 17, 1958.  His first release to country music came in 1989 with the song, Blue Blooded Women which did not enter the top 40.  However, after that initial disappointment, his career took off; making him one of the most popular artists in the history of country music.

In his successful career, Alan Jackson has become a fan favorite, with over 60 million albums sold and 35 number 1 hits.  He has also been richly adorned with critical recognition with 35 major awards for his music including 2 Grammys Awards.  In addition to these accolades, he was also named a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1991.  This array of popular and critical recognitions are shared by few other country music singers.

In 1990 Alan Jackson became a force on the country music scene and has remained so since.  He received his first number one hit; I’d love you all over again, off his first album, Here in the real worldThe album also carried with it three other top five country hits.

Most momentous in the career of Alan Jackson was his hit song, Where were you when the world stopped turning.  It was his response to the horrific tragedy of the bombing upon the Twin Towers in New York City.  The song discusses the emotions invoked in all of us from this horrific event.  The song brought the country singer into the mainstream spotlight for a short time in which the mourning of the catastrophe was shared by all of America.

Alan Jackson’s collection of music is part of the soundtrack of a generation of country fans over the previous 25 years.  Songs such as Here in the real world and Someday tug at our hearts while songs such as Don’t rock the jukebox and Gone Country help us to enjoy the magic of life.  In recent years Alan Jackson has strayed away from country, releasing two gospel albums with little commercial success.  However, his career, left standing as it is, marks him as one of the all-time greats in genre of country music.

These are some of my favorite songs by Alan Jackson.  The versatility of the singer is epitomized in this selection.  The singer’s powerful voice and sincerity in lyrical styling are matched with the impassioned lyrics and the musical compilations.  These factors, together, mark the greatness of Alan Jackson as a singer as well as his greatness as a songwriter.


This song, released from Alan Jackson debut album, celebrates joy felt from a life of performing, with dreams of someday achieving fame.  The song is inspiring, whatever your dreams in life might be.

With the wind through his hair, he drove an old car through an old dirt road.   They cleaned up that old boat and enjoyed the exuberance of a moment of freedom on a lake.  This is another of Alan Jackson’s songs which creates a feeling of vitality for its listeners.

Much of country music discusses the hardships and broken-heartedness that oftentimes comes with life.  This song emphatically portrays such an emotion with a descriptive extended metaphor about the trials of life that, in the movies turn out for the best, but in life, do not always.

Being young and enjoying a free existence only happens once in a lifetime.  This song celebrates such love for life in this upbeat song.  The singer, shares such coming of age with a creative flare that stays true to country.

Life is always a party for some people, especially Jimmy Buffet.  This song, in which Alan Jackson shares the vocals with Jimmy Buffet, is a light-hearted song about enjoying trivial aspects of life.

I hope you have enjoyed this "Country Music Artist of the Month ... Alan Jackson."  Keep an eye open for future country music features.

Thank you.

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I LOVE this blog post, Daron - and of course Alan Jackson is a GREAT Country singer! I adore his music and love to hear his voice!! Well done!