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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Friday Night Fever"

  • inspired by "Am I the only one?" by Dierks Bentley

He woke up this morning with the cool air against his face.  Yesterday had been a pivotal moment in his life, he had graduated high school as he and his family had always hoped.  They all had celebrated the occasion with a party to honor his accomplishment.  He was the first in his family to be awarded such a distinction.

Yesterday, he and his friends enjoyed the high school graduation ceremony by throwing their maroon cap in the air as which is the tradition.  However, the next day the celebration was just to begin. 

The time had come to be initiated into the working-adult world.  Yet, something had been forgotten. 

After his morning coffee, he put on his gym clothes.  It was about eleven in the morning when he got home from his workout.  Showering and putting on his house clothes, he realized the festivity which would accompany the summer. 

Unpacking freight for a hardware store was good work.  It liberated the night hours for the social activities which would mark his entire summer. 

When he returned home from work, he put in his favorite CD and jumped into the shower.  After all the festivities and parties with his family it was time to celebrate his last summer of youth with his friends. In preparation for the night to come, the music played to full-volume.  His favorite CD, The Essential Elvis Presley, invigorated his senses. 

He didn't need to call any of his friends on the telephone.  He knew where they would all meet-up tonight.  It was the local bar where they would meet most weekends.

The music his apartment blared, shaking the walls.  He brushed his teeth and put on clean clothes.  He pulled a beer out of the refrigerator; it was part of the ritual marking the beginning of the weekend.

His taxi-cab arrived and he paid the cab driver for the eight mile trip down the street to the hangout.  It cost him twelve dollars out of his pocket plus a three dollar tip.  

Not quite dusk, the blaring light from the sun stung his eyes. 

He opened the door to join the party that had already begun.  The dark, barroom beckoned upon him a cool breath of relaxation. 

George’s friends, Jonathan and Michael, were already sitting at the bar.  With a pleasant buzz from the beer he had at his apartment, he ordered himself another beer which he would nurse for the next hour.  He took out a five dollar bill to put some music on the jukebox

With an extended thump and a loud blare the music began, exciting and energizing the barroom.  The blues-guitar strings and heavy drumbeat infused the barroom with energy. 

As if scripted and on cue, three college girls passed by George and his entourage, casting an enticing glance in their direction.

The night went on.  George drank his beers slowly and enjoyed the music and the company of his friends.  The celebration was highlighted by their moderate drinking which did not cross the line into drunkenness. 

When George arrived, he had noticed a host of girls.  Most of these girls were quite attractive, yet all seemed to be out of his reach.  As the night drew on, however, his focus turned to a less pretentiously beautiful girl across the bar who had also been trying to get his attention most of the night.

He sat with his friends at the bar.  The three of them shared conversation that matched the atmosphere.  George kept an upbeat supply of music playing on the jukebox.  He gazed the barroom wondering if this night would end like most.

“The barmaid is always friendly.”  He knew she was not interested in any of the usual patrons.  “Too bad, she seemed like a very nice girl.  Pretty smile, too.”  Gazing upon her was always welcomed in the situation which would oftentimes, otherwise become mundane.  

He continued to look around the room.  “There she is, she looks like the type of girl I would like.”  She was the girl across the bar that had been at the bar all night.  “We could take it slow and see what happens.  No pressure, just a friendly dance.  Is she smiling at me?”

The night carried on.  He thought that with one more beer he may have the courage to walk over and talk to her.

He made eye-contact back at him.  It was not a seductive look, but more of a flirtatious look.  She seemed very welcoming and he hoped for the best.  He walked up to her and asked her to dance. 

They danced a few dances and shared a drink.  She left the bar, vowing to meet again next Friday night.

He had another drink and got in his cab to go back to his apartment.  He went alone, but with a promising request for the weekend to come.  He got back to his apartment and watched television before he laid down for sleep. 

It had been a good night at the bar which had ended uneventfully, but with optimism for the near future.

Awakening the next morning he enjoyed a hot cup of coffee with the cool morning air.  So soon after graduation, he was to enjoy the summer and wait for better work after the summer would end.  The job unpacking freight offered enough money to live off presently. 

He sipped another cup of coffee and welcomed the day to come.  Next weekend would bring with him other possibilities.